Characterization of Esophageal Cancers

& Metaplasia


Our Laboratory at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) invites applications for a fully funded PhD position. 


The project funded by the Télévie will be focused on the characterization of the SH2-containing 5' inositol phosphatases SHIP2 in esophageal cancers. Key topics for the PhD research include:

(1) determining whether SHIP2 expression is required for tumor initiation in the esophagus;

(2) characterizing the impact of SHIP2 conditional knockout in tumor epithelial cells in vivo;

(3) understanding the mechanisms involved in resistance to therapies targeting SHIP2.

Starting date/duration: 1 October 2022 (or upon agreement). The duration of the PhD position is four years.

To learn more about the relationship between an embryonic transcriptomic program and columnar metaplasia in the esophagus, see our latest publication in Cell Stem Cell.

This work was supported by:

The Worldwide Cancer Research

The Télévie

The Fondation Contre le Cancer

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In vitro models

Our recent study published in Biology suggests that response to therapy might be enhanced by optimizing the time of treatment (endogenous clock time). The full article can be found here.