Welcome to Benjamin Beck’s Lab. Benjamin Beck is a WELBIO/FNRS principal investigator, member of the U-CRC (ULB Cancer Research Center) and IRIBHM, in Brussels. Our laboratory is interested in the characterization of esophageal cancers and metaplasia.

Our Laboratory invites applications for a fully funded PhD position. The project funded by the Télévie will be focused on the characterization of the SH2-containing 5' inositol phosphatases SHIP2 in esophageal cancers. Key topics for the PhD research include: (1) determining whether SHIP2 expression is required for tumor initiation in the esophagus; (2) characterizing the impact of SHIP2 conditional knockout in tumor epithelial cells in vivo; (3) understanding the mechanisms involved in resistance to therapies targeting SHIP2. Starting date/duration: 1 October 2022 (or upon agreement). The duration of the PhD position is four years.